Get to know Em

Cookit gifts was founded by Emily Lorimar (nicknames include Em, Emmy, Emo, Silvers and Juice). Em has had a lifelong love of giving gifts that are practical, thoughtful, made with love and given with intention.

A home cook who learnt and loved to cook from her Australian Mum and Egyptian Grandma, Emily spent a childhood living in Malaysia, Thailand, China and the US where she developed a love for experiencing new cultures and food.

"Two years ago I was given a cookbook to add to my collection and I took the time to read it cover to cover. I was inspired by the stories behind the recipes and began imagining the ingredients, serveware, vibrant colours and tablescapes that could be paired with each dish. This moment sparked the idea for what eventually became - Cookit."

Stay tuned on the Cookit gifts TikTok for more behind-the-scenes of Emily's life and business adventures.